Hello! Thanks for stopping by. I’m thrilled to have my own blog. A hundred thousand welcomes to you!

Today I woke up with a boatload of complaints. A classic tight gripped bad mood. My list of everything that is wrong in my life was stuck on repeat in my head. A freelance job didn’t work out the way I had hoped. Someone I thought to be a true person ended up to be false. Projects were not moving ahead fast enough for me. I won’t even mention the lifetime of grudges that seemed to be brand new. It all gave me a headache.

I decided to look up to Heaven. Not in a sanctimonious way. Nor did I take on the “martyr” approach. (Poor me! See how I suffer for love?!) It was more of a real, heart felt, “I know I’m a jerk. I just can’t help it.” Heaven agreed. But the sky didn’t fall on me, my headache didn’t get worse and no one tried to rip my bad mood away from me. My problems didn’t get bigger, or smaller. Time stood still for a few minutes. I sat in silence.

Then, in my mind, a flood of images came like an unwanted invasion. I saw a crying mother with her little boy who was in a hospital bed, sick with no hair. I saw parents standing there as their children are buried. I saw innocent people of all ages ravaged by the affects of cancer. There were numerous images of people without food. They didn’t even have clean water to drink. Bring on my stomach ache, and more silence.

The silence began to fill up with images of all the things I have to be grateful for, too many to count. I hit the “reset button” on the day. The wonderful thing about gratitude is that it makes us move in the right direction. Forward. Not just our own journey forward. Gratitude helps us to see the needs of ¬†others and help them move forward, too. So if you ever feel like a jerk, don’t worry about it. It’s part of the journey. Just hit the “reset button”.



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